It is shocking how much time I spend sitting in a car, waiting.  I wait for school to get out, for dance class to be over, for a parent teacher conference to start and on and on.  Ironically we usually run out of the house, late, kids complaining they wanted different shoes on.  So we wait.

If you’re not making good use of your time in that car, you should be.  If you’ve got little ones and pack a diaper bag for them, put a small makeup bag in there for you too.  We’re not advocating driving while tweezing your eyebrows.  But if you’re sitting in a parking lot, you might as well use your time wisely. Here’s what you need in there.

– Tweezers.  Probably the best place to tweeze those eybrows is using the flip down light up mirror in your car while parked waiting for kids.  The light’s good, the angle is good and if you’ve got tweezers already in the car, well you’re good to go.

– Nail file and some polish.  We realize this is risky.  Not the nail file so much but the polish.  If your minivan is already wrecked, then a little tipped nail polish may not matter.  But you might as well file your nails.

– Concealer, powder compact, foundation.  You don’t need all these necessarily, but a dab of concealer under your eyes and you look a little more rested.

– Lip gloss/stick, a quick swipe and you’re good

– Shadow smudge stick, mascara.  Powdered shadow can be a little tricky, but mascara and an eyeliner or smudge stick will do.

Basically you want a very pared down beauty routine, in your car and ready to go, so all that waiting isn’t wasted.

– Jody

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