We genuinely feel bad for our friends who don’t live near a Target.  We do.  Target is where we can pick up our diapers, our Drano, our lice-be-gone shampoo when the kids get sent home…and now that we are frump dumping, our awesome outfit pieces and other frump defying items.  And now without further delay…this week’s five:

1.) Merona Makana Sliver Wedges: These come in a bunch of great colors, along with black. Very comfortable, summery slip ons.

2.) Merona Maribel Peep Toe Wedges: Again, comes in a couple different colors. You can see Jody wearing them here.

3.) Leather Cuff Bracelets:

I’ve got a flower one on in the picture above.  But I believe that’s only in stores.  Cuff bracelets are instant hipness.  Trendy, lightweight, and unlike all the chunky bracelets, they don’t get in  your way when you are heating up mac and cheese.  Here’s just one (and there are lots!) you can find online at Target:


4.) Umber-ella ella ella oh oh oh oh uh oh:

(I’ll stop now):  We know it’s summer.  But if you get your umbrella now and stash it in your glove box, you’ll be prepared.  And preparation is good for not being frumpy.  Plus, look at all the cuteness!  This one is printed with New York Subway icons.

5.) Skinny Belts:

Unfortunately these seem only to be in stores.  But if you’re lucky enough to be near a Target, there are a ton to choose from.  Very cute and trendy – put them around summer dresses or long tops.  Not just for your shorts.

* Full disclosure:  We have an affiliate relationship with Target which means, should you end up buying something from their site, we get a little lip gloss money.  Even without the affiliate stuff, we’d still pimp Target.  It’s pretty much our second home.


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