Let’s be honest: Work out pants are just glorified sweats.  It seems that the uniform in our neighborhood is workout pants, a white t-shirt and a puffy black North Face vest.  It’s like, if people twenty years from now want to dress up as a mom in the 2010’s, that’s your go-to outfit for the Halloween party.  When we was growing up it was tennis skirts.  You weren’t fooling anybody then and you aren’t fooling anybody now.  Those Lululemon pants are great, incredible even. They are like Spanx that you’re authorized to wear in public. “It’s fine!  I just came from working out!” you’re thinking. No you did not.  You’ve been wearing those since 8 AM, and it’s dinner time.  You know who you are, and trust us, we’re in the same delusional boat you are.

We’re challenging you to not put on those black spandex pants that may, or may not, make your ass look good…unless you are working out.  After that, you change.  We know you have real clothes and it’s not that hard to put on a cute t-shirt and jeans.  Yes, it’s not nearly as comfortable wearing sweats, but if you’re sleeping in them, wearing them to drop off the kids, run errands…well what you’ve got yourself is a mom uniform and not even a good one.  Here are some suggestions for something super casual that won’t make you look like every other mom out there in her black workout pants, holding a Starbucks cup.

– Jody


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I am so busted for sporting the lulu ALL day, with or without working out. Thanks for the nudge to get into something a bit more playful for running around in!