Archives for August 2011

Jody calls this outfit her “gone country” outfit. It’s about as close as she gets these days to country. Though she grew up on a farm, I happen to know she likes the creature comforts. I once invited her to go camping with me and my family and she famously replied: “I don’t do camping.” […]

Target keeps getting better I think with their clothing lines.  There was a time when things were a little ho-hum.  But they’ve stepped it up considerably in the last few years with their designer partnerships.  Missoni is coming and I plan to be there when it arrives, face pressed to the glass in the wee […]

Sometimes fall trends are kind of daunting. But I can get behind plaid and behold, the runways have brought plaid back again. It’s bright and tweedy and I suspect the plaid is a nod to all things Anglophile brought on by Princess Catherine. I’ve always liked a good tartan pattern; it reminds me of the […]

We are at the halfway point. As we’ve whined talked about, it’s been a real challenge. Thankfully the magazines tell us it’s time to get ready for fall, despite the warm days of California, so we’ve busted out the boots today.  We love love love the flat boots because they are cute and stylish but […]

I am no great entertainer. I tend to order pizza or throw together a lasagne. I find it a great deal of effort to even cook for my family. I don’t like to cook, never have. Oh I lust after a great many recipes and I have dabbled in meal planning and coupon clipping but […]

Almost halfway there.  It’s been a struggle.  We could use a little prompting – what would you like see in the next couple days?  Warm weather outfits with boots?  Fancy dolled-up outfits with jeans?  We’re open to suggestions! Day 12 Jeans:  Hudson grey bootcut jeans Top:  Flower blouse from Nordstrom Shoes:  Guess black pumps Bracelet: […]

Jody said she was going to do themes from now on. Yesterday was rocker girl. I’m not sure what this theme would be. The only thing I could come up with is Awesome and that’s not really a theme. Or Where’s Waldo, but that sounds unflattering and besides Waldo has red and white stripes, right? […]