Conair Infinite Pro Spin BrushI’ve seen spin brush hair dryers on TV and haven’t tried them because the rotating action terrifies me.  I have visions of my hair spinning into a tangle of mayhem that will require me to actually cut the brush out of my hair.   But the other day Jody bought an air brush (in this case Revlon’s Hot Air Brush that is a similar concept but doesn’t spin) and raved about it.  She promised she’d do a review this week.  They didn’t happen to have the one she’d bought at Target, so I got the Conair Spin Brush, which is more expensive, but rotates as you dry.

I have slightly damaged hair that is a mix of fine and thick.  A hair dresser told me I have fine hair, but a lot of it.  I’m not sure what that means, but it translates into me being too freaking tired to style it.  It gets frizzy easily, and because it has this fine/thick issue, it is hard to control.  Inevitably while trying to dry my hair straight with a barrel brush in one hand and a hair dryer in the other, my arms get tired and I just quit while it is half damp, and we all know how that ends.  But this hair tool does both.  At once! It retails for about $58.  Not cheap, but so far I think it’s worth it. So here’s my short review of the Conair Spin Brush.


Conair Infinity Pro Spin Air Brush: Spins in either direction, three heat settings, retails for about $55-$60

Here’s what I like:

  1. There are three settings, cool, low and high.  I stuck with the high setting primarily because I am impatient and wanted to see how fast I could dry it. The high setting wasn’t overkill, so I’ll probably stick with that. If you have very fine hair, I’d recommend starting out with the low setting.
  2. You can reverse the direction of the spin, so if you want to curl your hair under, you can do that.  If you want a flip at the bottom or maybe at the end of your bangs or back of your hair you simply flip the direction switch.
  3. With the Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush, I only need one hair tool.  This is key for me.  I did no touch ups with a straightener or a hair brush afterwards.  I used a little bit of product (in this case Fructis Sleek & Shine  before and after to smooth out the flyaways.)  But in general it was quite smooth even without the product.

    Garnier Fructis serum, used before and after styling to control frizzies.

  4. My makeup did not melt off.  You know how when you use a blowdryer and a brush, it’s somewhat hard to manage the direction of the blow dryer air.  And you end up sometimes sort of heating up your face in the process.  I like to do my makeup first.  I know it’s not a great order to do things, but I just do it that way.  Hair is always last.  And I hate how blow drying my hair manages to make my face sweat too.

What I didn’t like

  1. On the cool setting the brush doesn’t rotate either way.  I guess it’s to give you hair a shot of cool air to set your hair.  But because I’d been using it a few minutes before switching to cool, the cool was more like warm, so not that effective.  I also hoped it would still rotate, and it doesn’t on that setting for some reason.
I didn’t take a before picture because it would be me with wet hair, but here’s an after picture.  Start to finish, 8 minutes.  I’d recommend that you start with hair that is damp, not soaking wet, it goes faster and is easier to manage.  So after your shower, dry as well as you can and busy yourself with other stuff until it has had a few minutes to air dry first.

Conair Spin Brush verdict: Thumbs up.

Places to get it:  Ulta, Amazon, Target


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  1. Thanks for the review . I have curly and really dry hair and this product is amazyng without any product my hair seems shiny and healthy. But I really recomend this product to be use in a dry hair for some reason is not favorable in curly hair to be used when your hair is wet because it won’t have the same effect since the bristle are really soft and grab better when is not that curly. I use this brush as a daily brush but no has a dryer. I bought this product for $40 at walgreen and is great. I really recomended

  2. rachel xoxo says:

    i wish i could get one but im 12 …everyone in my classes straightins there hair and curls it but not me. im the ONLY ONE who doesnt plz email me some stuff that will help me convince my mom to let me get the spin brush

    • hey! unfortunately i dont hav an answer to tht but im 13 and hav the same prob. im mixed and hav thick, frizzy, and curly hair.:( my mom luvs it(easy for her to say, she has silky straight hair), but i want to get it styled. but i just say its MY hair and ill pay for it, its an experience to try! 😀


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