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This week we’re going to talk a little about New Years resolutions.  We’ll get back to body types and dressing for them in the New Year.  We got a little derailed by the holidays.  So let’s tackle New Years resolutions.  I love New Year’s Eve.  It’s full of celebration and promise and seems to give […]

I love hot cocktails because it feels like the cold weather gives me an excuse, no, an imperitive…to drink them.  I may not be stranded in the snow waiting for a St. Bernard to rescue me from certain hypothermia, but it’s still nippy out there and after a day spent Christmas shopping I do kind […]

New Year’s Eve is coming up in two weeks and it’s one of those occasions you can go a little overboard with glitz.  It’s like prom for grown ups.  I love sequins.  They’re kind of retro and modern at the same time.  They also need very little accessorizing, if any.  You can pair a sequin […]

I’ve never been hugely into the idea of detoxes. In theory they seem good but if looked upon as a panacea to fix a weight problem or a long term bad eating habits, they don’t really work. They are generally temporary fixes. That said, I had a lot of success with a no sugar detox […]

What is it about that sour sweet Pixie Stick taste?  Kids seem to love it, along with pretty much any candy that is sour and sweet at the same time.  The stranger the better.  I remember loving Zots, a fizzing candy that when chewed turned your mouth into a foaming mess.  My friend and I […]

I went for a hike early this morning and on the way up one of the steeper hills I was going quite slowly, so slowly that I was able to eavesdrop on a conversation between two women who had stopped to chat.  “Do you think if I frost the cupcakes today, they’ll hold until Thursday?” […]

  This week we’re looking at body shapes and how to dress for them.  A friend of mine was here to visit this week and she brought with her a lot of awesome outfits.  She’s someone who has figured out how to dress to flatter herself.  She’s a self described “apple shaped” girl.  She’s got […]