I am not much of a chef.  I have a limited number of items in my repertoire.  I do like to bake but even then if I can use a cake mix I will.  One of my favorite cook books is The Cake Doctor by Anne Byrn who doctors recipe using cake box ingredients. Honestly by the time they have been doctored (and doctored very little actually) they are amazing and no one is the wiser.

Anyway.  I wanted to give cake pops a try but everyone I had talked to who had attempted them said that the forming of the dough balls was the trickiest and messiest part.  So when I saw the bella cucina cake pop maker at Target I thought I’d try it.  And I had pretty good success!

Bella Cucina cake pop and donut hole maker. The easy way to make cake pops.

For ingredients, I just used yellow cake mix.  For frosting, I used candy melts because they melt easily in the microwave and you can melt a small amount at a time and not end up with a ton of extra frosting left over.  It also allows you do make multiple colors easily.  I used Wilton Candy Melts that I found at Michael’s.

Wilton Candy Melts, sprinkles and cake pop sticks (also at Michael's) are all you need.

Tips for using the Bella Cucina Cake and Donut Hole Maker:

  1. The cake pops with this little machine is that the cake pops do tend to be smaller than say the ones you may be used to at Starbucks.  They are probably 2/3 of the size.  The kids didn’t complain and they looked just as yummy, but definitely they are noticeably smaller than those you see in bakeries or Starbucks.
  2. Do not overfill. I can’t emphasize this enough.  You don’t even really want to come all the way up to the rim of the divot when spooning in the batter.  If you overfill, you’ll end up with edges around the pops that make it look like a satellite, which could be a cute cake pop idea but not what I was after.  I made a few batches before I got it right.

    The overfilled ones on the right give the pops a ridge.

  3. Let the dough cool a little before you put the sticks in.  They don’t need to be all the way cooled, but enough so it doesn’t fall apart when you put the stick in.
  4. Don’t overcoat the pops with frosting – they can’t take the weight and will slide down the stick before your disappointed eyes.
  5. Make sure you have a styrofoam block ready to prop up the pops while they dry.  Drying on their side doesn’t work.  You can also prop them up in a mug, though I found the styrofoam block made decorating easier.

    And now the decorating!

    And the finished pops!

    The finished pops!


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  1. My daughter loves getting these at Starbucks and has asked for this cake ball maker several times.

  2. I just made these for the group at my doctors office and I think it made me the most popular person ever. Ok maybe not most popular person ever but at least the most popular patient ever in my tiny Pennsylvania OBGYN office! Cake Pops are magic friend makers!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi I have the same cake pop maker at home and I’m having a hard time working this thing. My cake balls dont really inflate and when they do they deflate right away when I remove them from the machine. The cake balls become a little flat after I remove them 😐 I dont know what Im doing wrong. I mix the batter according to the cake box and put it in the machine. I dont fill it in all the way because it overfills. Help me please. Do you know how to make them not deflate? :{

    • It took a couple of tries, but what worked for me is to cook them a little
      longer than recommended and not lifting the lid right away so they don’t
      cool too fast and deflate. Hope that helps! I used Duncan Heinz mix (yellow cake)

  4. Anonymous says:

    How long do you put it in for? And thank you! I will try using that mix the next time I try to make some 🙂

    • The mix does seem a little easier to cook with. I think I added an extra minute to their recommended cook time. I had to make a few batches to get it right, mind you. Good luck!

  5. Tara:

    I love your cake pop article! I have a small business selling Velata Fondue warmers and I am going to try making and decorating cake pops with our chocolate. I am also going to see how the Wilton Candy Melts do as well. I am so excited. I have already dipped several items like strawberries, pretzels, banana chips, rice crispies, etc. and they have been a big hit. I have come across some really cute cake pop ideas that I am willing to give a shot thanks to your idea!