My mission this month.

With three children it’s hard to keep it simple.  The garage is stuffed with bikes and Christmas tree decorations and Halloween paraphenalia and old toys and baby clothes I seem unable to part with.  I’ve been pretty good over the years at paring down and every time I do I feel better, less weighed down.

We hold onto things for lots of reasons. It might have sentimental value, it might be “perfectly good” though we don’t like it anymore.  It might have cost a lot of money and so getting rid of it is hard.  But often all this stuff isn’t missed when we get rid of it.

It’s easier to clean when your home is less cluttered. You can find things too.  When your junk drawer runneth over, it’s hard to find the eight pairs of scissors after all.

So I’ll be starting this project next week, inspired by Jess at Make Under My Life and documenting how I get rid of things – what gets donated or tossed, what I can’t part with.  My goal though is 100 things.  I think I can do it.  If anyone wants to do it with me, I’d love company.  The rules are simple:  Get rid of 100 things in your home that you don’t need, you don’t like or are otherwise dragging you down. They can be anything from a pair of jeans that have never really looked good to your grandmother’s armoire that you’ve always hated (I won’t tell).



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  1. I’m at 150, not counting small stuff, and am trying really hard to hit 200.

    I *need* to be awesome at something, and filling Goodwill is going to be my thing. 😉

  2. Cleaned the garage., way over 100 things got tossed. 🙂

  3. I cant say ill be able to do 100 things but i really want to do this. spring cleaning here i come(:

  4. Kristen Gardner says:

    I’m planning on starting this on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) but I don’t know if I will make it to 100 I live alone in a studio apartment but I have a ton of clothes to get rid of so we shall see.


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