I used an old Disney book the kids weren't interested in. Be sure it will fit the iPad. You want it to be about 1/4 inch wider on all sides but there's a little wiggle room.

While in a hospital waiting room the other day, I was looking through a magazine (think it was Better Homes & Gardens) and spied this project. My daughter has an iPad and though it already has a cover, I thought this was worth trying. A while ago I got this old Disney book at a garage sale. The kids seem to have graduated from Disney books, so I thought it was safe to cannibalize for a cover.

Here goes:

You’ll need:

  • An old book you don’t mind sacrificing.
  • craft knife (like xacto)
  • Mat board
  • Ruler
  • Archival glue (this is basically the kind used for scrapbooking)
  • Linen or cotton fabric
  • 1/2 inch black elastic
  • Superglue
  1. You’ll need a book that is 1/4 inch larger than the iPad on all sides.  Mine wasn’t exactly this, but it was close.  You can eyeball it, sandwiching the iPad between the book to see if it looks about right. Use the craft knife to remove the pages from the spine.

    An old Disney stories book that's just the right size...

  2. Cut the mat board into two pieces. You can find mat board at art supply or craft supply stores.  Framing stores too. I got a huge piece for $5.  I don’t know if you can get smaller pieces.  You want to cut the mat board about 1/8th smaller on all sides than the interior covers of the book.
  3. Cut out two pieces of fabric 1/4 inch larger on all sides than the mat board. You’ll notice in the pictures that I definitely did not measure very well.  I figured it just had to be close, but not perfect since the back wasn’t going to show anyway. Center boards on fabric and cut out corners of the overhanging fabric. Secrue the fabric to the boards with archival glue, wrapping and gluing the extra fabric to the back. Smooth as you go, to make sure there are no wrinkles. My fabric was folded up when I bought it and I’d recommend ironing the fabric first to get out the creases if yours has folds in it. Let it dry for about 20 minutes or so. Cut a 3 inch wide strip of fabric to cover the inner spine and apply with the archival glue.
  4. Center the iPad on one board and put 4 inch lengths of elastic around each corner, making sure it’s tight enough to hold the corners.  Tape the elastic to the back, then remove the iPad and secure with superglue.  Hold down the elastic for 30 seconds to give it a good hold.  Let dry.

    Mine had creases until I ironed it on low heat.

  5. Use archival glue to attach the boards to the covers. Weigh them down overnight with books. And in the morning…you have a very cool, vintage iPad.  🙂

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All done!

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