With the kids home from school for the summer, there seems to be even more mess, more laundry, more dishes than before. Though we’re getting the kids to help out more and more with cleaning and putting things away, I don’t exactly have a Cinderella living here. Or I do, but it’s me.

I’m trying a cleaning schedule after seeing quite a few on Pinterest that make outlandish claims like “Clean your whole house in 3 minutes!” or “Try this and your house will clean itself!” Riiiight. But a little bit every day will hopefully keep me from having to kick a path into the laundry room.

Here’s my schedule that I’ve adapted from others I’ve found online. I figure I’ll adapt it as I go. My plan is to try and stick to it for 30 days, and make modifications. I doubt I’ll vacuum in the evening, since it’s too noisy.  Since clutter is a big problem for this house, I’ve dedicated some time to cleaning up a “hot spot” – in our case, the mass of papers and toy parts and coupons piled next to the phone. Even when a house is clean, it looks messy when the clutter piles up.  For the swing day, just pick one item or two items. For example no one in their right mind would wipe down the baseboards once a week. That’s Mommie Dearest territory.

I’d love to share any tips you have for keeping things tidy. You can share in the comments or on the Facebook fan page.

A cleaning schedule will help keep the chaos away

If you’d like, you can download it here.  Feel free to make your own modifications.

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