I find nail art kind of silly in general, but for Halloween I make an exception, especially if it’s not terrible difficult to pull off. Though the first one looks a bit tricky for my lackluster manicure skills, the second two are quite doable, especially with the nail pens now available at Target and other beauty supply stores.

The first is from the talented Kayla Shevonne from her blog Nails by Kayla Shevonne. She lists the colors you’ll need to pull it off.

Img from Nails by Kayla Shevonne

The second is one I think I could handle from the ridiculously talented Nail Nerd.  Thankfully she once in a while features a design even a challenged beauty queen such as myself can master.  You can find her instructions here!

Images from Nail Nerd

And last but not least, the trendy ring-finger-only nail polish trend is handy for those of us who are too lazy too sophisticated 😉 to go all crazy on every single nail. You can find this and other nail art from Tugba at the Tumblr, Cupcake Nails. I love her designs because she generally sticks to the one finger design, which is about my speed.

By Tugba


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  1. beautiful

  2. These actually look pretty doable. I’m big into nail art because I’m a dork with a capital every letter in DORK.