It’s that time of year when they do the Thanksgiving parties at school, the Thanksgiving feats, the plays, the Holiday bake sales and so on.  Even if there aren’t Thanksgiving parties at school, these are still great for Thanksgiving itself – not everyone loves pumpkin pie.  With that, here are a couple cute options for wowing the kiddos.

Thanksgiving treats for the kiddos.

1) Oreo Turkeys:  Just what it looks like:  Oreos, mini Reeces cups, yellow and red tube frosting, malt balls and some black tube frosting for “glue”. The black eye part is a chocolate sprinkle.   Image and recipe from the awesome blog Our Best Bites.

2)  Pilgrim Hats:  From Woman’s Day.  Chocolate wafer cookies (Nabisco) mini Reeces and yellow icing for buckle.  Click for easy instructions.

3) Waffle Cone Tee-Pees:  From  This is the most challenging of the five, but the result is adorable.  

4) Acorn Kisses:  Even I can manage these! From  Though these are quite small, I think they’d be great tucked into a kids lunch or wrapped nicely as a teacher’s gift.  It’s just what it looks like:  mini Nutter Butters, chocolate chip on top, Hershey’s Kiss, icing or frosting for glue.

5) Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats:  Marshmallow dipped in chocolate and stuck onto a Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookie.  From Family Fun.

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  1. Hey Ladies – Great post! I pinned this on Pinterest and it was my most successful pin yet! Thanks for the great tips. CHEERS!

  2. Cute ideas!! But wanted to give you the heads-up that the Pilgrims did not have buckles on their hats. The Wampanoag tribe (tribe that celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims) did not build tee-pees.

  3. They are very cute, but tipis have nothing to do with Thanksgiving. The Native Americans involved in the first Thanksgiving did not live on the plains in tipis.

  4. Katherine says:

    While most of these are adorable, Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving did not live in teepees. They lived in round shaped wood lodges (as shown at the beginning of Pocahontas, for example). I love festive food, but let’s please not perpetuate cultural stereotypes.
    I love the acorns and turkeys.

    • seriously relax

      • Seriously people chill out…I am 100% Native American and i LOVE the teepee idea…what do you think of when you think Native?? Teepee duhh who cares if it is not “politically correct”great post!! Will DEFINITELY be using the teepee idea 🙂

      • Ikr? Lighten up PC People of the World! Stop taking yourselves and everything around you so seriously!

  5. We did the pilgrim hats last year, and they were a hit.. definitely going to be trying the teepees and aacorns this year

  6. So delicious ideas!!!

  7. Do you think peanut butter could be used as “glue” on acorns?

    • I thing that would work, though it would have to be one of the thicker peanut butters, not the natural kind you stir. Tasty too!

  8. The majority of these in one way or another contain peanut butter which is becoming an ever increasing problem for so many. Rolos can easily replace mini recees and there are plenty of other mini cookies out there to replace mini nutter butters. Lots of ways to create safe adorable treats without anyone having to suffer. Love the teepees and the pilgrim hats.

  9. ‘Just made your teepees with the help of a 10 y/o to use as plate decorations for the kid’s Thanksgiving table. I used a shortcut, as time is precious this week. I actually did not know they were cupcakes and was not prepared for that, so we stuffed a smashed sticky marshmallow into the tip and used that to hold the pretzel “tent sticks”. I used sharp kitchen shears and successfully cut off the ends of the cones and shaved them to the correct size to fit 3 pretzel sticks. I did not break them in half. They are SO ADORABLE I can hardly stand it! I’ve never seen them anywhere else, so THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!!


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