We’ll be having six kids over for Thanksgiving this year, and while I am thankful for my dear children, I become less thankful when they are sitting next to me complaining that they would rather have mac and cheese. Off to the kids’ table for you guys!

Here are some decorating and activity ideas for your kids’ table, just right to make the kids feel like the kids’ table isn’t banishment, but actually a way more fun version of the adults’ table.

Go sit at the kids' table! No really, it's more fun.

1)  Have kids dress the part in Pilgrim hats with this easy template from Martha Stewart.

2) Again from Martha Stewart, a turkey popcorn centerpiece. Because with all that corn, surely popcorn was at the first Thanksgiving dinner.

3) Kraft paper is your friend. No tablecloths to ruin, and with a bunch of crayons (see picture #4) kids can doodle all over the paper while they wait for dinner to be served. If you look closely there are checkboxes where kids can check off what they ate, or you could have them check off what they’d like to be served, like a menu.

4) A genius idea from Fiskars:  Cut out the bottom of a black paper cup (or just paint a regular white one) with a craft knife. Glue upside-down to circle of black paper and wrap around a strip of paper for the band, affixing with a glue stick. Cover the table with Kraft paper and kids can decorate the table. Voilà! Which as you may know is French for NAILED IT!

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