Bright pink, the cure for winter doldrums.

I’m kind of happy the nude lips, smokey eye thing is waning. In winter, bright lips look instantly cheerful and rosy. Among the dark, solemn charcoal and black of cold weather wardrobes, a bright pink lip is a nice change.  I saw on Revlon’s FB page that the color of the month is Azalea.

Revlon Azalea lips & nails

The other day after seeing the lovely, and fair (like me) Emily Blundt, I sought out the hot pink lipstick she was wearing, Spellbound by Cover Girl.  My husband graciously searched through the very muddled makeup displays at Target (why can’t anyone put lipsticks back in the right spot) only to find it was sold out. But I tracked it down eventually at CVS. And I really like it.  It’s very bright, but if you wear it with very little other makeup, it seem to brighten up your whole face without looking garish. Also if you have blue or green eyes, a bright pink lipstick will make your eyes even greener/bluer. Here I am, wearing the Spellbound, below. I will warn you that this stuff does not come off easily, it fades slowly throughout the day and becomes more of a stain. Stains can fade unevenly, leaving you with a lip liner look and that looks awful – but this fades very nicely. If this color is too bright for you when you first apply, you can blot a few times and you’ll get more of a stain effect.

Me wearing Spellbound, by Cover Girl.

Spellbound, by Cover Girl swatch

Here are some good options to try:

If you’ve got a favorite bright lipstick, I’d love to know what it is!

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