NYX Doll Eye Mascara Review

NYX Doll Eye Mascara

I stumbled across NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Target, order where I buy most of my cosmetics. For the most part I’m a drugstore makeup kind of lady. If I can’t get my makeup while I am getting school supplies and laundry detergent, it’s not going to happen.


I’ve tried tons of drugstore mascara and my old favorite, Lashout seems to have been discontinued. The only brand I hadn’t really tried was NYX. It wasn’t too expensive, about $8-10 and a cursory search on my phone seemed to show some decent reviews. Plus, I just liked the name, Doll Eye. 🙂
NYX Doll Eye
This is hands down my favorite mascara of all time. I’m a repeat buyer on this one, and I’m the least brand loyal person I know. If something doesn’t work, I’m off to try something else. I’ve also not had luck with the mascaras other people seem to rave about. Great Lash? Really? That stuff sucks.

But I’m in love with NYD Doll Eye. Why? Because it doesn’t clump, doesn’t flake, curls nicely (I do use an eyelash curler but am not great with it) AND is buildable. The buildable part is the key here. I don’t have great lashes and I have hooded eyes, which means basically I always look tired. This has always been the case with me, and has gotten a little worse as I’ve gotten older, though to be fair they’ve always been kind of heavy looking. What this means is that I need load bearing lashes! With two coats of NYX, my eyes look awake and lashes look long and full. This was what I loved about L’Oreal lashout – the buildability of the mascara. I honestly think this is the best mascara for hooded eyes or really any eyes, but I’m thrilled that this mascara actually makes me look awake and not exhausted. I also like how it separates my lower lashes.

NYX Doll Eye close up

NYX Doll Eye close up

As a side note, Beautylish has a post about eye shapes. I’m definitely in the hooded eye category. But it’s helpful to see how makeup can be worn to enhance/work with other shapes.  Also a note about waterproof. They do have a waterproof version of NYX Doll Eye mascara but I find that waterproof mascaras in general are not my friend because they are clump. The other problem I have with waterproofs is that I’m fairly lazy about makeup removal. Once the kids are in bed I just want to quickly wash my face and not spend the extra time trying to pry off waterproof mascara. One last thing: this one dries out easily if you don’t really screw the cap back on tight, so keep that in mind.

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  1. I discovered NYX through their blushes. There’s one (I can’t remember which, it’s probably easy to google) that’s a dead ringer for the MAC orgasm shade. They honestly make an outstanding product line. (I have no connection with the company.) I’ll have to try their mascara, too, now!

    • Hi Tara (nice to meet another Tara) I love love their blushes. Have you tried their cream blushes – very blendable and give a very honest blush color. Hot Pink (though it looks terrifyingly bright in the pot) is my fave.