thanksgiving place card printable

We are thankful! Yes, even for you Drunk Uncle Larry.

Thanksgiving is nearly here and while I won’t be cooking this year (because I suck at it) I still like to decorate a little. I made this Thanksgiving place card printable for the Thanksgiving table this year. I thought it was a nice little message to incorporate into the table settings, so that when someone gets drunk and recounts some super awkward story (oh, just my family?) we can have a little reminder next to our plate about why we do this once a year.

This is probably best printed on nice card stock or heavier paper than your garden variety printer paper. But I’m lazy and so I just ran this through our regular printer paper. Just print it out and add names. You might get a nice gold pen to jazz it up if you really like.  I was able to fit two on a page, so you can make two at a time, just print them out and fold them, there is enough room to fold them in half so they prop up on the table.

Thanksgiving Place Card Printable

thanksgiving place card printable

I’m thankful for wine. And myself.

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  1. I love it! Thank you! It’ll be on my table. …and it has a bird on it. TU Portlandia 🙂

    • 🙂 It’s almost impossible for me to see a bird on something without thinking, “put a bird on it!”