I stumbled across NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Target, order where I buy most of my cosmetics. For the most part I’m a drugstore makeup kind of lady. If I can’t get my makeup while I am getting school supplies and laundry detergent, it’s not going to happen.   I’ve tried tons of drugstore mascara […]

I’m kind of happy the nude lips, smokey eye thing is waning. In winter, bright lips look instantly cheerful and rosy. Among the dark, solemn charcoal and black of cold weather wardrobes, a bright pink lip is a nice change.  I saw on Revlon’s FB page that the color of the month is Azalea. The […]

I spent yesterday cleaning out my closet and chest of drawers.  And when the dust settled, I had one bag of stained, torn or otherwise unusable clothing, and THREE bags of giveaway stuff.  What’s left? Almost nothing.  Which means I’ve been wearing a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit or I just plain don’t like.  […]

I find nail art kind of silly in general, but for Halloween I make an exception, especially if it’s not terrible difficult to pull off. Though the first one looks a bit tricky for my lackluster manicure skills, the second two are quite doable, especially with the nail pens now available at Target and other […]

SPF ratings are calculated very carefully, and based on a certain amount being applied during testing.  If you’re being too skimpy with sunscreen, then the SPF number on the bottle isn’t going to do much for you. Most of us (it’s estimated that between 50-60% of us) are way too skimpy with sunscreen. How much […]

I am a very poor packer.  I either over pack or under pack.  I forget critical items like my toothbrush or underwear or medication, but remember to pack three bikinis…for a rainy climate.  I hardly ever pack the makeup I need and rarely remember makeup brushes, so am left smudging everything on with my fingertips. […]

I buy a lot of sunscreen.  A lot.  I am fair and burn easily and I was not always good about sun protection, so I am desperately making up for lost time.  Sunscreen for the face though, is my enemy.  It is often greasy, melty and does not cooperate with makeup.  If it gets into […]