Thanksgiving is nearly here and while I won’t be cooking this year (because I suck at it) I still like to decorate a little. I made this Thanksgiving place card printable for the Thanksgiving table this year. I thought it was a nice little message to incorporate into the table settings, so that when someone […]

We’ll be having six kids over for Thanksgiving this year, and while I am thankful for my dear children, I become less thankful when they are sitting next to me complaining that they would rather have mac and cheese. Off to the kids’ table for you guys! Here are some decorating and activity ideas for […]

Target has done lots of designer collaboration some of them not so successful, clinic some of them almost insanely so (who remembers the Missoni mayhem?). For the holidays, cialis Target is teaming up with Neiman Marcus to bring some normally out of reach (at least for me) designers to the little people.     Though […]

I love the ritual of carving pumpkins. Though as a child we stuck to the three triangles and a mouth method, over the years we’ve gotten more creative. This is in large part due to my cousin, who hosts an annual carving party. He is well stocked with a variety of carving implements and has […]

I find nail art kind of silly in general, but for Halloween I make an exception, especially if it’s not terrible difficult to pull off. Though the first one looks a bit tricky for my lackluster manicure skills, the second two are quite doable, especially with the nail pens now available at Target and other […]

I have never been very good at staying on task.  I am distractible and can at times, be a hopeless procrastinator.  Years ago I started following the Fly Lady, a woman (now a movement almost) who touts the benefits of, among other things, tackling tasks with a timer. I still have that timer I went […]

SPF ratings are calculated very carefully, and based on a certain amount being applied during testing.  If you’re being too skimpy with sunscreen, then the SPF number on the bottle isn’t going to do much for you. Most of us (it’s estimated that between 50-60% of us) are way too skimpy with sunscreen. How much […]