I saw this super cute place setting idea recently.  It seemed simple enough so I thought I’d make my own. I made three designs and you can print them on nice paper (like a thick cream colored paper would look great) if you like, though I didn’t bother. Just slip in a napkin (I’d recommend […]

Thanksgiving is nearly here and while I won’t be cooking this year (because I suck at it) I still like to decorate a little. I made this Thanksgiving place card printable for the Thanksgiving table this year. I thought it was a nice little message to incorporate into the table settings, so that when someone […]

We’ll be having six kids over for Thanksgiving this year, and while I am thankful for my dear children, I become less thankful when they are sitting next to me complaining that they would rather have mac and cheese. Off to the kids’ table for you guys! Here are some decorating and activity ideas for […]

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St. Patrick’s Day is approaching fast.  Gone are the days of celebrating St. Patrick’s day with an excess of green beer. Now I spend the night before frantically trying to find a green shirt for one of the kids at Target…and cobbling together leprauchan traps out of shoe boxes. Here are three of my favorite […]

Seems like the nail design craze is not abating and while it’s probably too difficult and time consuming for many of us, I could probably manage the candy cane ones below (or at least get close to it). In any case, one of the few times a year I paint my nails is over the […]

I have had some successes in the DIY department. I have also cremated cakes, glued my fingers together and fallen down a heating vent while stenciling a floor. I love the idea of homemade gifts, but a lot of the ones out there are for people who are DIY queens. That I am not. Still, […]