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St. Patrick’s Day is approaching fast.  Gone are the days of celebrating St. Patrick’s day with an excess of green beer. Now I spend the night before frantically trying to find a green shirt for one of the kids at Target…and cobbling together leprauchan traps out of shoe boxes. Here are three of my favorite […]

Seems like the nail design craze is not abating and while it’s probably too difficult and time consuming for many of us, I could probably manage the candy cane ones below (or at least get close to it). In any case, one of the few times a year I paint my nails is over the […]

I have had some successes in the DIY department. I have also cremated cakes, glued my fingers together and fallen down a heating vent while stenciling a floor. I love the idea of homemade gifts, but a lot of the ones out there are for people who are DIY queens. That I am not. Still, […]

I love the ritual of carving pumpkins. Though as a child we stuck to the three triangles and a mouth method, over the years we’ve gotten more creative.  This is in large part due to my cousin, who hosts an annual carving party.  He is well stocked with a variety of carving implements and has […]