I spent yesterday cleaning out my closet and chest of drawers.  And when the dust settled, I had one bag of stained, torn or otherwise unusable clothing, and THREE bags of giveaway stuff.  What’s left? Almost nothing.  Which means I’ve been wearing a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit or I just plain don’t like.  […]

I have never been very good at staying on task.  I am distractible and can at times, be a hopeless procrastinator.  Years ago I started following the Fly Lady, a woman (now a movement almost) who touts the benefits of, among other things, tackling tasks with a timer. I still have that timer I went […]

With the kids home from school for the summer, there seems to be even more mess, more laundry, more dishes than before. Though we’re getting the kids to help out more and more with cleaning and putting things away, I don’t exactly have a Cinderella living here. Or I do, but it’s me. I’m trying […]

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While in a hospital waiting room the other day, I was looking through a magazine (think it was Better Homes & Gardens) and spied this project. My daughter has an iPad and though it already has a cover, I thought this was worth trying. A while ago I got this old Disney book at a […]

I saw this yesterday on Pinterest via the New York Times.  I recently took a three day trip to Chicago and as usual packed foolishly.  I generally don’t pack enough or pack the wrong things, or, in an attempt to not forget anything, pack a bag that is WAY too large.  The NYT featured this […]

Well so far it’s been relatively easy to get rid of things.  Primarily because I’m avoiding some things I know should go but that I’m having trouble parting with.  So I’m tackling the easy stuff first.  Here’s the latest.  Side note, I got my youngest daughter involved when she asked what I was doing. “I […]