It’s that time of year when they do the Thanksgiving parties at school, the Thanksgiving feats, the plays, the Holiday bake sales and so on.  Even if there aren’t Thanksgiving parties at school, these are still great for Thanksgiving itself – not everyone loves pumpkin pie.  With that, here are a couple cute options for […]

I’m a first generation American, and though my parents didn’t really go all out for the Fourth (they’re British – to be fair they don’t really go all out for anything) we always went to see a big fireworks show. This year it looks like I’ll be hosting a pot luck BBQ at my place, […]

A while ago I did a post for shower fizzies, which are essentially the same as bath bombs, though you can use different scents (tea tree, eucalyptus etc. are great to inhale in the shower when recovering from a cold, but not fantastic for bathing your delicate parts in, if you catch my drift.) Bath […]

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching fast.  Gone are the days of celebrating St. Patrick’s day with an excess of green beer. Now I spend the night before frantically trying to find a green shirt for one of the kids at Target…and cobbling together leprauchan traps out of shoe boxes. Here are three of my favorite […]

I am not much of a chef.  I have a limited number of items in my repertoire.  I do like to bake but even then if I can use a cake mix I will.  One of my favorite cook books is The Cake Doctor by Anne Byrn who doctors recipe using cake box ingredients. Honestly […]

My kids love Rolos, so when I saw this easy Valentine’s day craft, I knew I had to try it.  Check this out from Make It Do (she’s got a couple other easy, cute ideas too – but this was my favorite. Trying this today! You’ll need: Red construction paper Black pipe cleaners Three rolls […]

I love hot cocktails because it feels like the cold weather gives me an excuse, no, an imperitive…to drink them.  I may not be stranded in the snow waiting for a St. Bernard to rescue me from certain hypothermia, but it’s still nippy out there and after a day spent Christmas shopping I do kind […]