Thanksgiving is nearly here and while I won’t be cooking this year (because I suck at it) I still like to decorate a little. I made this Thanksgiving place card printable for the Thanksgiving table this year. I thought it was a nice little message to incorporate into the table settings, so that when someone […]

  1. Womens’ Xhilaration Orabella Studded Scrunch Ballet Flat – Pewter, $19.99 2. Womens’ Mossimon Vikki Pointed Toe Ballet Flats – Blush Peach, $19.99 3. Womens’ Mossimo Supply Co. Ona Striped Scrunch Ballet Flat – Pink/Purple, $19.99 4. Womens’ Mossimo Supply Co. Ona Striped Scrunch Ballet Flat – Black/White, $19.99 5. Womens’ Mossimo Vikki Pointed Toe Ballet […]

In Nest, I tackled a command center in a place in my house that was so small I never thought it would work.  But it’s already working.  Kids like having the calendar front and center and a place to doodle on the white board.  Magically, they have been hanging up their backpacks on their assigned […]

This weekend I went to see a friend in Arizona and shopped.  A lot.  In Arizona, specifically in Scottsdale, they have a fantastic store called My Sister’s Closet which is a huge store that sells recycled designer duds.  The vast majority are in almost new condition and were clearly from the closets of people who […]

Flares are back which is nice because I feel like I’ve got nothing but skinnies in my closet which are great for flats but I’m starting to miss heels. Plus, flares are flattering – they elongate your legs and because they are wider at the bottom, they balance out a heavier figure. The downside of […]

I’m getting rid of my minivan.  It’s time.  I fear I have to get another one.  It has become my best friend and my worst enemy.  It has absorbed entire cartons of chocolate milk, vomit, spit up, the occasional leaked diaper.  It has been crashed, bashed, smashed and scraped more times than I can count. […]

Jody said she was going to do themes from now on. Yesterday was rocker girl. I’m not sure what this theme would be. The only thing I could come up with is Awesome and that’s not really a theme. Or Where’s Waldo, but that sounds unflattering and besides Waldo has red and white stripes, right? […]