With the kids home from school for the summer, there seems to be even more mess, more laundry, more dishes than before. Though we’re getting the kids to help out more and more with cleaning and putting things away, I don’t exactly have a Cinderella living here. Or I do, but it’s me. I’m trying […]

I’m a first generation American, and though my parents didn’t really go all out for the Fourth (they’re British – to be fair they don’t really go all out for anything) we always went to see a big fireworks show. This year it looks like I’ll be hosting a pot luck BBQ at my place, […]

I am a very poor packer.  I either over pack or under pack.  I forget critical items like my toothbrush or underwear or medication, but remember to pack three bikinis…for a rainy climate.  I hardly ever pack the makeup I need and rarely remember makeup brushes, so am left smudging everything on with my fingertips. […]

I don’t suit floppy summer hats – they dwarf me.  They also just too shapeless for me and seem to suit flowing maxi dresses but not much else.  Since I tend to wear a lot of shorts in the summer, a fedora is better.  It hides beach hair when necessary and still gives a little […]

I got these the other day when I (ostensibly) went to Target for paper towels, which I uh, forgot.  Target gives me a little ADD and next thing I know, I see a cute something and it’s like OH! Something shiny!  So this was my something shiny that caused me to completely forget the paper […]

Summer (and its accompanying array of skin-baring clothing) is upon us. If you tend to avoid shorts because you can’t find any that look good on your body type, check out this guide before you throw the towel in.  Remember that there are no hard and fast rules, regardless of your shape.  You might be […]

I buy a lot of sunscreen.  A lot.  I am fair and burn easily and I was not always good about sun protection, so I am desperately making up for lost time.  Sunscreen for the face though, is my enemy.  It is often greasy, melty and does not cooperate with makeup.  If it gets into […]