Here’s a DYF challenge:   Try wearing a different piece of jewelry every day.  It can be a necklace with a v-neck t-shirt or a chunky bracelet with jeans and your favorite tank top. You can find inexpensive accessories anywhere – Target and Forever 21 both have a great selection.  If you’re feeling more spendy and […]

My sister was over tonight and while talking about the website, she said: “Ooooh, you have to do a post about getting rid of your hang-ups.  Like body hang-ups.  Because that makes me frumpy, because sometimes I won’t try a new trend because of my big feet.  Or wear dangly earring because they highlight my […]

There are lots of fashion trends that are worth following. We’ll get to those in other posts.  But there are lots of trends that are just bad.  In these cases they’re bad because they only contribute to the frump. 1)  Capris:  Apparently capris are back.  Which is confusing because at least in our frumpy part […]

Everyone says you can do so much with long hair.  Yes. It’s true the possibilities are limitless (if you have a full time stylist) but most long hair that looks good requires that you actually blow dry it, and style it.  And if you don’t have time for that, you put it up in a […]

Recently Jolene, our resident health and wellness expert (she’s owner of Pacific Pilates in Palm Desert and all over Colorado) had to move.  Moving is exhausting and frump inducing for sure.  But what she realized is that it was an opportunity to dump her frump.  She explains… I recently moved…again.  It has been the 5th […]

We keep trying the smokey eye look, viagra sale but at some point, ed  one of us *cough* Tara *cough* manages to make herself look like, site well, a cheap hooker.  It never quite works.  At last we have a tutorial that seems to make sense.  This?  We can do. Lisa Eldridge, who to be […]

There are some days we just need to do the bare minimum and pare things down. For those days I’m glad for the wisdom and words shared with me by my friend and beauty adviser Holly of J. Russell Salon in Palm Desert, Ca.:  mascara, pink blush and lip gloss always make you feel better. […]