Let’s be honest: Work out pants are just glorified sweats.  It seems that the uniform in our neighborhood is workout pants, a white t-shirt and a puffy black North Face vest.  It’s like, if people twenty years from now want to dress up as a mom in the 2010’s, that’s your go-to outfit for the […]

Once, years ago, bleary and exhausted after the birth of her twins, Tara brushed her teeth with a tube of Clearasil, believing it to be a trial sized toothpaste.  That is a very sad and very true story. Usually night time is when you are at your most exhausted.   After the kids have gone […]

We genuinely feel bad for our friends who don’t live near a Target.  We do.  Target is where we can pick up our diapers, our Drano, our lice-be-gone shampoo when the kids get sent home…and now that we are frump dumping, our awesome outfit pieces and other frump defying items.  And now without further delay…this […]

  It is shocking how much time I spend sitting in a car, waiting.  I wait for school to get out, for dance class to be over, for a parent teacher conference to start and on and on.  Ironically we usually run out of the house, late, kids complaining they wanted different shoes on.  So […]