Summer (and its accompanying array of skin-baring clothing) is upon us. If you tend to avoid shorts because you can’t find any that look good on your body type, check out this guide before you throw the towel in.  Remember that there are no hard and fast rules, regardless of your shape.  You might be […]

I buy a lot of sunscreen.  A lot.  I am fair and burn easily and I was not always good about sun protection, so I am desperately making up for lost time.  Sunscreen for the face though, is my enemy.  It is often greasy, melty and does not cooperate with makeup.  If it gets into […]

I got some pink jeans because apparently I can’t stop buying colored denim.  I think it’s because of Pinterest and seeing all these cute ways to wear it.  It’s a look that feels summery but still allows for days that aren’t quite warm enough for shorts. I really like chambray and pink, so I thought […]

I really love all the chunky necklaces and accessories that are so in this Spring.  Bracelets are piled on, necklaces are colorful and substantial.  One of the trends I really like are the resin chain necklaces, like the ones above. Chain necklaces are both modern and slightly retro.  Check out Megan Draper from Mad Men […]

I like fit and flare dresses, they give you a waist and flare out to hide all kinds of body issues. They are great for the summer when it is too hot for pants. Mad Men showcases lots of these dresses and it seems that pretty much any body type on the show can pull […]

This week I tried the Blue Print Cleanse, a juice cleanse that is advertised as being a “cleanse for foodies.” Which I guess means it’s more palatable and more gourmet than your average smoothie. My motivation for trying the cleanse was simply that I’d heard quite a bit about this particular one and my friend […]

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