While in a hospital waiting room the other day, I was looking through a magazine (think it was Better Homes & Gardens) and spied this project. My daughter has an iPad and though it already has a cover, I thought this was worth trying. A while ago I got this old Disney book at a […]

A while ago I did a post for shower fizzies, which are essentially the same as bath bombs, though you can use different scents (tea tree, eucalyptus etc. are great to inhale in the shower when recovering from a cold, but not fantastic for bathing your delicate parts in, if you catch my drift.) Bath […]

I like all the glittery shoes I keep seeing popping up.  But I don’t love glitter all over the shoes.  It seems to be all or nothing when it comes to glitter on shoes, so I thought I’d try and take a pair of plain jane Target flats I had and see what I could […]

I am not much of a chef.  I have a limited number of items in my repertoire.  I do like to bake but even then if I can use a cake mix I will.  One of my favorite cook books is The Cake Doctor by Anne Byrn who doctors recipe using cake box ingredients. Honestly […]

What is it about that sour sweet Pixie Stick taste?  Kids seem to love it, along with pretty much any candy that is sour and sweet at the same time.  The stranger the better.  I remember loving Zots, a fizzing candy that when chewed turned your mouth into a foaming mess.  My friend and I […]

This week I posted a Homemade Gift Guide for the Martha Impaired (or Challenged).  I tend to feel a little impaired when it comes to DIY.  In any case, if you’re making hand made gifts or even if you aren’t, it’s nice to add a nice gift tag instead of one of those peel off […]

I have had some successes in the DIY department. I have also cremated cakes, glued my fingers together and fallen down a heating vent while stenciling a floor. I love the idea of homemade gifts, but a lot of the ones out there are for people who are DIY queens. That I am not. Still, […]