I’m a first generation American, and though my parents didn’t really go all out for the Fourth (they’re British – to be fair they don’t really go all out for anything) we always went to see a big fireworks show. This year it looks like I’ll be hosting a pot luck BBQ at my place, […]

This week we’re going to talk a little about New Years resolutions.  We’ll get back to body types and dressing for them in the New Year.  We got a little derailed by the holidays.  So let’s tackle New Years resolutions.  I love New Year’s Eve.  It’s full of celebration and promise and seems to give […]

What is it about that sour sweet Pixie Stick taste?  Kids seem to love it, along with pretty much any candy that is sour and sweet at the same time.  The stranger the better.  I remember loving Zots, a fizzing candy that when chewed turned your mouth into a foaming mess.  My friend and I […]

This week I posted a Homemade Gift Guide for the Martha Impaired (or Challenged).  I tend to feel a little impaired when it comes to DIY.  In any case, if you’re making hand made gifts or even if you aren’t, it’s nice to add a nice gift tag instead of one of those peel off […]

I have had some successes in the DIY department. I have also cremated cakes, glued my fingers together and fallen down a heating vent while stenciling a floor. I love the idea of homemade gifts, but a lot of the ones out there are for people who are DIY queens. That I am not. Still, […]

I don’t always send holiday cards.  Oh I mean to, I really truly do. But somewhere around mid December I realize that most of the pictures I have of the kids aren’t holiday card worthy. Or they are but I can’t seem to get organized enough to get them onto a card and send them […]