It’s that time of year when they do the Thanksgiving parties at school, the Thanksgiving feats, the plays, the Holiday bake sales and so on.  Even if there aren’t Thanksgiving parties at school, these are still great for Thanksgiving itself – not everyone loves pumpkin pie.  With that, here are a couple cute options for […]

What is it about that sour sweet Pixie Stick taste?  Kids seem to love it, along with pretty much any candy that is sour and sweet at the same time.  The stranger the better.  I remember loving Zots, a fizzing candy that when chewed turned your mouth into a foaming mess.  My friend and I […]

I don’t like clutter.  This is a problem when you have three children who bring home stacks of heartfelt drawings from school.  I have relief maps of California made of salt dough.  I have otters fashioned from clay.  But the big problem are the drawings.  I’ve never known an artist to be so prolific.  They […]

I’m on a bit of a DIY kick and despite having gouged my shin while painting the floor of our bathroom, I am undeterred.  Yesterday I transformed the closet under the stairs into a book nook for my older daughter, who has been asking for a quiet place to read, away from her two siblings. […]

In the summer, I used to visit a friend in Rhode Island and in the evenings we’d catch fireflies in mason jars.  This project reminds me of that.  We’re having a last gasp of heat in California and the kids have been in and out of the pool and the yard, in the dark.  Even […]

I saw this on Pinterest the other day, via the awesome Here We Are Together blog.  It was meant for children, but honestly I can see how it couldn’t hurt for adults too.  I mean who doesn’t get stressed during the day?  Or angry or upset about something?  Why not make your own “Calm Down […]

We realize soaking in the tub may be a thing of the past for most of us.  But if you have a half hour to spare, you can find some peace again in your bath tub.  There’s a reason the Romans de-stressed from all their conquering and pillaging and wold domination by hitting up the […]