Today we have a guest post from Rebecca Jones who blogs about beauty and how to pull off celebrity beauty looks (who doesn’t want to do that?)  Here she gives us the low down on how to rock red lipstick, even if you think it’s too glam for you.  The trick says Rebecca is finding […]

We asked Ashley Theobald, guest poster this week and Bare Escentuals aficionado, to give us her top 5 desert island favorite products.  We happen to know Ashley is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to their products (you don’t want to know how many BE eye shadows she has.  Hint: over 300.)  So […]

We keep trying the smokey eye look, viagra sale but at some point, ed  one of us *cough* Tara *cough* manages to make herself look like, site well, a cheap hooker.  It never quite works.  At last we have a tutorial that seems to make sense.  This?  We can do. Lisa Eldridge, who to be […]

There are some days we just need to do the bare minimum and pare things down. For those days I’m glad for the wisdom and words shared with me by my friend and beauty adviser Holly of J. Russell Salon in Palm Desert, Ca.:  mascara, pink blush and lip gloss always make you feel better. […]

  It is shocking how much time I spend sitting in a car, waiting.  I wait for school to get out, for dance class to be over, for a parent teacher conference to start and on and on.  Ironically we usually run out of the house, late, kids complaining they wanted different shoes on.  So […]