We took the weekend off and we’re back with Day 8.  Jody got this top at vintage clothing store near us.  I call it her Holly Hobby shirt.  Anyone remember her?  For a while we couldn’t figure out how she should wear it because it’s very cropped, but treated as a little jacket it works […]

We love boyfriend jeans – the slouchy, casual, adorable look of them.  We also love that among the lean sillhouette of straight leg jeans, skinny-thighed boot cut, flare and of course the cut that mocks us most of all, the skinny jean…the boyfriend jean is our real friend. Tight jeans make you hungry.  What?  No […]

We genuinely feel bad for our friends who don’t live near a Target.  We do.  Target is where we can pick up our diapers, our Drano, our lice-be-gone shampoo when the kids get sent home…and now that we are frump dumping, our awesome outfit pieces and other frump defying items.  And now without further delay…this […]