I spent yesterday cleaning out my closet and chest of drawers.  And when the dust settled, I had one bag of stained, torn or otherwise unusable clothing, and THREE bags of giveaway stuff.  What’s left? Almost nothing.  Which means I’ve been wearing a lot of stuff that doesn’t fit or I just plain don’t like.  […]

I like to keep my bottles and lotions off the countertop in the bathroom because it just looks neater that way, but in drawers they inevitably tip over and roll around. Here’s a great idea from Suite Revival using spice racks from Ikea, mounted to the wall.   These racks have two small holes in […]

With three children it’s hard to keep it simple.  The garage is stuffed with bikes and Christmas tree decorations and Halloween paraphenalia and old toys and baby clothes I seem unable to part with.  I’ve been pretty good over the years at paring down and every time I do I feel better, less weighed down. […]