I don’t suit floppy summer hats – they dwarf me.  They also just too shapeless for me and seem to suit flowing maxi dresses but not much else.  Since I tend to wear a lot of shorts in the summer, a fedora is better.  It hides beach hair when necessary and still gives a little […]

I really love all the chunky necklaces and accessories that are so in this Spring.  Bracelets are piled on, necklaces are colorful and substantial.  One of the trends I really like are the resin chain necklaces, like the ones above. Chain necklaces are both modern and slightly retro.  Check out Megan Draper from Mad Men […]

I like all the glittery shoes I keep seeing popping up.  But I don’t love glitter all over the shoes.  It seems to be all or nothing when it comes to glitter on shoes, so I thought I’d try and take a pair of plain jane Target flats I had and see what I could […]

I start a new contract job today, porting some old content into a new website.  I haven’t had a regular 9-5 job for a while.  With little kids it can be hard to find a job that will give me enough time with them.  I am divorced and every other week they are with their […]

Some clothes in my wardrobe get worn a lot.  In heavy rotation is this shirt, which I have in black. I started spotting it everywhere in the last couple months.  And it pretty much looks good on everyone.  The contrast panelling is a little different (there are jersey ribbed panels on the side) and the […]

Ever since Jody wore her read jeans in Day 25 of 26 Days of Denim, I’ve been lusting after red. Red denotes power, passion and is a nice pop of color when the weather turns a bit more drab. There are lots of different red tones, so if you’re thinking, I don’t look good in […]

Command centers are all over Pinterest right now and in general have been all over Pottery Barn for years.  I’ve always sortof scoffed at them, with their silly faux messages written on the chalk boards for the faux perfectly organized families.  Fencing lessons on Thursday, Dinner Menu:  Quail with risotto.  It all seemed very intimidating. […]